Financial management is at the heart of every enterprise. How a company manages its financial intake and output across various revenue streams and channels is vital for maximizing profitability and overall  business growth.

As such, it would be in financial executives’ and decision makers’ best interest to reassess how they approach financial management. For example, how are financial assets currently being overseen? Or, is transactional data being organized quickly and accurately so that it can be leveraged to gain key insights in order to make actionable business improvements?

In order to improve financial management (and subsequently revenue flow, corporate sustainability and daily processes and workflows), these executives should be considering if their organization’s financial management system—a system that manages organizational income, expenses and other financial assets—is up to par.

Research shows that many of today’s financial management systems don’t measure up. In fact, according to aggregated research from financial management solutions provider Workday:

  • Four of five finance executives believe their organizations are burdened by too many low-level, manual tasks.
  • Almost half of CFOs say they lack the proper metrics, data and tools needed to make sound business decisions.
  • The majority of executives today say that their existing systems are inflexible; unable to adapt to business changes; and based on inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Almost half of financial management systems today are over 10 years old.

In an effort to help these financial executives gain valuable new insights into their financial management system (or overall financial management approach), AAJ will be hosting a webinar titled, “Exploiting Efficiencies in Financial Systems” on Thursday, April 2 at 1:30 pm ET.

The presentation, featuring CEO and Founder at leading business software solution provider e-Bizsoft, will demonstrate three ways that organizations can maximize financial management—by automating repetitive, labor intensive processes; taking advantage of integration points, and becoming paperless—and how an advanced financial management system can help them to do so.

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