6 Things You’re Missing Because You Don’t Have an Employee Portal

How many of your daily tasks involve documents that have to be shared, verified or updated? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could disseminate, revise and print documents without having to actually pass them around? A secure employee portal, like one made using SharePoint, is the way to go. We’re not saying there won’t be sacrifices, but if you’re willing to make them, here are six things you could be doing with an employee portal.

  1. You Could Be Increasing Your Networking

Some of our offices are so far-flung that it’s hard to keep track of where we are doing business, let alone the who. Wouldn’t it simplify things if you had access to a comprehensive employee directory, from emails to IMs? You might find yourself feeling nostalgic for the days when your company contacts were scattered between your email, your phone, and your dog-eared paper directory. But probably not.

  1. You Could Eliminate Redundancies.

You’re a terrific typist. And you didn’t get that way overnight, did you? No, it took hours of hard work, transcribing forms for employees had to be filled out by hand. That is, when you could read them. But you’re pretty fast now, right? It’s probably fine to take a break from all that typing, and let employees fill out their paperwork online. If you need to brush up, you can always work on your novel.

  1. You Could Update Your Information Faster.

Remember that dog-eared directory we were talking about? What if people could update their contacts, HR documentation, tax paperwork, and invoices in real-time? Everyone’s on the same page when it’s virtual! Of course, that’s going to affect your current workflow. Which brings us to our next item.

  1. You Could Spread Out the Workload.

There’s something so classic about being a mechanic. You’re always under the hood, just fixing the next thing in front of you. Sure, there are some big picture projects going on that you probably should be attending to. But tinkering for hours is satisfying in its own way. If you’ve got an employee portal, there are going to be fewer monkey wrenches in your life. Are you willing to live with that?

  1. You Could Increase Employee Autonomy.

Keep in mind that an uptick in employee autonomy will also affect communication. After all, now people won’t have to email you such frequent updates. They won’t have to check back to see if you’ve made the necessary changes to their paperwork. That’s going to leave you with time on your hands, and when you do want to talk to your coworkers, you’ll have to come up with some new topics of conversation.

  1. You Could Green Your Office.

Using an employee portal to share documents means that you’ll miss out on the scent of fresh, crisp printouts. On the other hand, you won’t be fussing with ink cartridges or reloading paper as often. You can print documents from the employee portal any time you need to, of course. But there’s going to be a lot less paper on your desk.

Basically, an employee portal is going to mean less typing, less printing, and less grunt work in general. And who doesn’t want that?

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you think to get an awesome SharePoint Employee Portal. All you need is our Simple SharePoint Set-up Program. It’s a 3-phase program to get a complete custom SharePoint portal up and running. Best of all, the first phase, a 4-hour SharePoint Workshop, is completely free!