You can store almost anything in the cloud today—from MP3s to JPEGs to highly sensitive healthcare data like electronic medical records—which means there’s virtually no vertical that isn’t involved in cloud technology these days. Due to the versatility of this data storage platform, the cloud has made a big splash in the business sector, especially with startups that have less capital to direct toward on-premises equipment.

The reasons enterprises and smaller startup companies alike are moving to the cloud include:

  • Lower infrastructure costs: Since you won’t be housing your own server, you won’t have to build the necessary infrastructure to support it.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Your third-party cloud provider takes on the burden of server maintenance because the server and data are stored off premises.
  • Increased mobility: With more workers telecommuting, cloud storage allows your work data and files to be accessible from anywhere, anytime.

For companies starting from scratch, accessing the advantages of cloud storage is an easy decision. However, for enterprises that are well-established and already store their servers in-house, moving to the cloud can be a daunting task. This is especially true if your company operates on a robust content server like SharePoint, where you’ve stored terabits upon terabits of data.

Since a SharePoint cloud migration could occupy your entire IT department at once, you might want to look for some extra assistance in your endeavor. Start by signing up for AAJ Technologies’ June 11 webinar titled “SharePoint Cloud—How to Execute an Easy Migration.” At 1:30 p.m., Shams Zuha, our practice lead of portals and collaboration, will show registered viewers a proven migration methodology and best practices for cloud migration. Zuha will also cover some basics that will help you decide if this type of migration is right for you and, if so, when and how to start.

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