Argentina is a country known for many things: Soccer, famed revolutionary Che Guevara, beautiful landscapes … and now IT. Yes, you read that correctly. According to a recent white paper, released by Nearshore Americas, Argentina has experienced a massive boom in its IT industry. Aspects of the country’s education system, culture, and location on the globe make Argentina the new nearshore hotspot for U.S. enterprises looking to outsource their software development.

The recent explosion of Argentina’s IT industry can best be explained in the context of the country’s focus on higher education. Presently, there are 93 universities (46 public, 47 private), all of which became free to citizens in 1992, when school administration and funding became provincial responsibilities. The offshoot of this has been a nationwide increase in qualified and experienced software engineers whose skills compare favorably to those found in the U.S.

Besides advanced IT skills, Argentineans also have a solid command of the English language and our North American culture. That makes it just plain easier for Americans to work with Argentineans than, for instance, Russians. This is important because developing software for the U.S. healthcare market requires a lot of navigating through complex legal and jurisdictional issues. Argentinean standards, ethics and business practices are closely related to those found in America, resulting in an alignment between the two countries that lends itself to solid working relationships that can support software projects.

In addition to technical know-how and cultural similarities, Argentina is also geographically ideal for U.S. software development outsourcing. The time difference is minimal, with Argentina only a couple hours (at most) ahead of the U.S., as opposed to Europe’s four- to six-hour time differential. Because of the minimal time difference, Americans and Argentineans are able to communicate in real time more effectively. This is important because it leads to more transparency and collaboration which, in turn, leads to successful software delivery. As well, the proximity to the U.S. allows for reasonable merchandise shipping times as well as non-egregious travel distances and costs for employees.

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