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Brian Rogan

Executive Vice President, Business Development and Alliances. Brian guides AAJ's overall business development, alliance management and go-to-market branding strategies. With over 20 years of management consulting experience, Brian regularly works hand-in-hand with C-level executives to drive results.

The Perks of Project-based Financing, Part 2—How Does It Work Exactly?

In Part 1 of this series, based on a recent webinar conducted by AAJ and Dean Morrison, national business development manager at Summit Funding Group, we addressed the basics of IT project-based financing. This financing is intended for IT projects involving hardware, software, training or solution customization, and it is secured by the anticipated cash flow from the completed project.   With investment in equipment and software slated to reach an all-time high of $922 billion in 2015—approximately 60 percent of which is expected to be financed, according to Morrison—it is clear that project-based financing will remain a viable...

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The Perks of Project-based Financing, Part 1—What Is It?

Businesses must continually assess their technology solutions in order to stay competitive, increase market share and identify new revenue streams. In some cases, these businesses will find they need to financially invest in new tools and technologies that they simply can’t afford. So … what solution is available to keep these organizations afloat? The answer, according to Dean Morrison, national business development manager at Summit Funding Group, is project-based financing. Morrison recently joined AAJ to discuss project-based financing during a webinar titled “The Dollars and Sense of Financing Technology Projects.” In short, project-based financing involves the long-term financing of...

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7 Attributes To Look For When Hiring a Consultant

Since this is my inaugural blog at AAJ, I’d like to take a quick second to explain the concept behind this blog and discuss what will be covered in forthcoming editions, and why. I have 20+ years in the consulting industry, going back even to my days as a bartender. Yes, even then I was consulting, I just did not know it at the time. During the 25 years since, I have been graciously asked to contribute in speaking engagements, teaching classes, and otherwise advising startups on a variety of topics. When asked to do so, I have always...

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Now is the Time to Automate Your Business Processes—Here’s How

Ask yourself: what are the greatest bottlenecks to your business growth? Does your sales team still rely on the old pen and paper model to manage clients? Is your marketing department using an outdated content management system? Do your teams have to switch between multiple siloed applications to perform routine business transactions? Whether you know it or not, these redundant, archaic tasks put your company at a serious disadvantage. With the emergence of technologies like cloud computing and mobility, automating key business processes has become a logical next step for many companies (not to mention they are finding business...

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