Author: Cody Konschak

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Cody Konschak

Manager, Partnerships and Alliances. Cody is focused on managing the sales and relationships associated with our  partner vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Xamarin and others. Prior to AAJ, he was an Account Manager at Monster focused on product and software sales.

IBM’s Latest Changes to Watson Health

Watson is IBM’s supercomputer that is most famous for dominating on “Jeopardy” a few years ago. Since its dramatic and powerful display on the television game show, Watson has been put to work in the healthcare field attempting to solve some of medicine’s biggest problems, such as cancer and chronic care. Since its introduction into the healthcare field, IBM has made some changes to its Watson Health Unit. Now Watson is being utilized by a number of healthcare providers—Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), Columbia University, Sage Bionetworks, Teva Pharmaceuticals and ICON—for its “Watson Genomic Analytics” and Watson Health Cloud for...

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Watson Is Here and It’s Changing Healthcare

Today it seems like the future detailed in science fiction novels over the last century is finally becoming a reality. With Google’s self-driving car, the advent of smart watches, and the impressive growth of the IoT industry, it seems we’re only a Mars colonization away from being in a real-world episode of “The Jetsons.” To add to the list of futuristic tech that’s made its debut over the last decade or so is artificial intelligence (AI). And while luckily today’s AI hasn’t yet taken the form of humanoid robots hell-bent on destroying the human race—as we saw in Will...

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