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David Cano

Senior Consultant. David Cano has nearly 10 years of experience working with the SharePoint platform from 2003 up to the Office 365 version. During this time, he has acquired wide experience with analysis, planning, modeling, design, and implementation of information systems.

SharePoint Migration and Data Archiving: A Match Made in Heaven

Believe it or not, but the first hard drive was introduced more than 50-years-ago by IBM. It was capable of storing approximately 5MB of data on it and—brace yourself—was the size of two refrigerators. I think it’s safe to say that when IMB introduced the hard drive in 1956, it wasn’t expecting digital storage to take over the enterprise in the way it has. Today, companies are capable of analyzing petabytes of dataTo put that in perspective, that much data is enough to fill 20 million four drawer filing cabinets. As you can see, enterprises are creating and storing...

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3 Quick Tips for Optimizing SharePoint This Month

In addition to ushering in brutally cold temperatures, January—with its fresh new date stamp—tends to spark thoughts of new beginnings. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the first month of 2015 than by divulging some quick tips for optimizing SharePoint, especially with research showing that every two out of three enterprise employees use the collaboration portal for getting work done.   Ready to kick off the new year on the right foot? Get started by implementing these three SharePoint optimization best practices:   Don’t settle for default settings: As we discussed in a recent webinar...

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