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Top 5 Developer Tools Announced at Apple’s WWDC16

If you are involved in software development, you need to be aware of the following WWDC16 announcements. Apple recently made announcements and introduced the latest versions of its OS and developer tools at its annual World Wide Developer Conference – WWDC16. Here, you can see a breakdown of some important announcements that will affect software development companies. 1. SiriKit This is the most sought-after functionality that developers and clients alike have requested over the years. Apple is providing a public API so third parties can develop iOS extensions that trigger a response to Siri. The only drawback is that...

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Be More Productive – The Pomodoro Technique

You can assume that being more productive is just about getting more done in less time, and if you are productive, you definitely accomplish more in hours than many people do in days, but productivity is more than that. You should be doing less and at the same time, be much more productive. You probably look for information about tools and techniques, and most of the time it may seem like common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is not a common practice and this is why many individuals struggle to increase their productivity. I am going to share how to...

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