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Ed Kirchmier

Vice President, Managed Services and BI. Ed Kirchmier is Vice President of Professional Services. In this role, he is responsible for directing the delivery of the company’s consulting services and practice management function. Ed has been a member of the management team of AAJ Technologies since 2004. More

Are You Grounding Your Cloud Technology?

Are You Grounding Your Cloud Technology? As the market for third-party apps has both boomed and diversified, we haven’t always kept up with it. Many IT departments are still trapped in a cycle of gatekeeping legacy apps, long after our most out-of-the-box employees have struck out on their own, seeking apps that will help them do their best work more efficiently. App wrapping drains IT’s time and budget, and wrapped apps affect usability and garner user complaints. It can be hard to wrap your head around the future beyond app wrapping. You may be aware of cloud technology data...

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5 Things You Need to Know About the IoT and Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) generates an unprecedented amount of actionable data. Here are five things you need to know more about to thrive in this new landscape. The 3 V’s To really understand big data, you need to understand what many are referring to as the 3 V’s: Volume, Variety and Velocity. Volume, of course, refers to the sheer amount of data coming in—as you know, it’s going to approach tsunami levels in the next few years. But there’s also the issue of variety. You don’t have simple data streams from single sources. Instead, you’re dealing with intel...

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Trends In Business Intelligence

Are you revisiting the implementation of BI within your organization? What do you need to know about the broad trends affecting Business Intelligence in order to stay ahead of the game? Let’s talk about the most important intel on intelligence. You’ve likely heard some talk about the rise of mobile-first BI apps. There are a lot of excellent reasons for this, mostly based around the fact that users interact very differently with mobile apps than their desktop. The best mobile apps offer a streamlined experience based on processes. This is almost a necessity on mobile devices, where a cluttered...

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Need Help on Social? Here’s a Dynamic Solution

Social marketing can be a tough nut to crack, but socially engaging customers is crucial to helping your business grow. Since social platforms give brands access to consumers anywhere at any time, you must ensure that your marketing team has the right tools in hand to take advantage of the many opportunities this engenders for social engagement. Software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give your marketers the top-notch tools they need to optimize social communication channels, such as analytics, social listening and data collection. A key factor for effective marketing using social media is accurately measuring the performance of...

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Why Healthcare Providers Are Struggling With BI

For any business, understanding what is and isn’t working for core operations is the basis for a smooth-running and effective organization. Implementing business intelligence (BI) or, more specifically, the analytics associated with it, gives companies much clearer insight into the data they collect organization wide. BI is the use of technologies, applications and practices aimed at the collection, analysis and integration of corporate data. The data collected is typically gathered into a “data warehouse”—a central hub where multiple sources of data convene—and is then redistributed into data marts so specific data is easier to access. This data is used...

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A Lesson in Healthcare Data From Colorado

Susannah Mushatt Jones isn’t a doctor. In fact, she isn’t even a nurse, but she is important in the world of healthcare. You see, while Jones may not have a part in saving lives and isn’t researching the latest medical breakthrough, she is living proof of the how effective the advancements made in medicine over the last 100 years have been. That’s because Jones is the world’s oldest person and just a few short weeks ago she celebrated her 116th birthday. Jones recently told Guinness World Records that the reason she’s made it more than a decade and a...

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