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Jorge Agnese

Vice President, Professional Services, LatAm Region. Jorge is building the next generation of nearshore engineering teams in South America while assisting the Mobility and Enterprise Solutions and Portals and Collaboration teams in the USA as an advisor and Client Engagement Executive. More

Keep Your Team Up-to-Date with Nearshore Outsourcing

Keep Your Team Up-to-Date by Using Nearshore Outsourcing The strategic advantages of nearshore outsourcing are numerous – lower costs, significantly increased bandwidth, and access to a larger pool of talent with the required technical skills. The current technical talent shortage is glaring – 86% of over 1,000 HR managers and recruiters polled by a nationwide survey reported they find it challenging to find technical talent. 83% believe the IT talent shortage has hampered their market expansion, product development, and increased employee burnout. So, it only makes sense to harness the benefits of outsourcing. Companies’ internal teams are often overwhelmed...

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Nearshoring for Independent Software Vendors

Nearshoring for Independent Software Vendors: If you’ve developed an in-house solution that might be useful to others in your industry, it’s definitely a revenue stream worth pursuing, but software created for in-house use is often very utilitarian. If you put it out there in its current state, it may not appeal to the average user. To really maximize it as an offering, you need to make it accessible and easy to use. You need to consider the needs of a broader range of users outside your own organization. You’ll have to address security issues, that your software could create...

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Are Your Nearshore Agile Teams Stable? 5 Reasons Why It Matters

Are Your Nearshore Agile Teams Stable? 5 Reasons Why It Matters. One of our primary focuses in our nearshoring initiative is the long-term stability of our teams. Here are five key reasons why long-term, stable teams are crucial to a successful agile model. Unity Maximizes Talent Believe it or not, talent is not the first consideration when forming an agile team. Picture, if you will, a selection process that puts 3-7 of the most talented people we can find on one team and tells them to go to it. The problem is obvious, isn’t it? There’s absolutely no guarantee...

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Agile – Wake Up Your Agile Model

Agile, wake up your Agile model. There are plenty of reasons to gravitate to nearshore locations when looking for new talent. But this is particularly true if you’re using an agile development model. The most vital, foundational piece of the agile puzzle is the relationship that forms between team members. Over time, those evolving connections begin to generate their own momentum, so naturally team building is an important consideration when implementing agile development. Relationships are key to Agile It may not have occurred to you yet what a strong argument that is for sourcing nearshore teams, especially if you’ve...

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Digital Transformation: Jump, or the Market Will Push You

Digital Transformation: Jump, or the Market Will Push You Digital transformation. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, but when we’re bogged down in day-to-day operations, it’s easy to become desensitized to what it really means. That’s why so many organizations engaged in digital transformation are struggling. Here are some key issues to keep in mind to succeed at digital transformation. New companies have always been digital. Transformation is about radically reassessing how your organization does basically everything. Today’s startups and emerging markets are embracing digital technology from the outset, because they don’t have any legacy mindsets or systems to...

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5 Reasons to Leverage Nearshore Resources

Outsourcing development is an accustomed practice, but as development has transitioned from a waterfall model to agile practices, some of the drawbacks of working with teams half a world away have become glaringly obvious. Nearshore resources offer some unique benefits over more far-flung options. Here are five reasons why agile nearshore teams will provide you with better outcomes than you’re getting now. Shared Culture: When outsourcing, it’s important to understand the culture you’re interacting with and how it relates to the collaborative process. Because some regions’ cultures are deeply grounded in respect for authority, offering feedback is sometimes perceived...

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