Author: Jorge Agnese

Top Considerations for Ensuring a Successful IT Outsourcing Experience

To take advantage of the many benefits of IT outsourcing—lowered costs, deep technical expertise and better business strategy, to name a few—companies are increasingly getting on board. Specifically, CIOs are making the move to address some major goals, which were highlighted in a 2014 Gartner report, as follows: The majority are aiming to “renovate the core of IT,” yet nearly half feel they lack the right skills and capabilities to do so. CIOs want to shift to a fundamentally different approach involving new technologies and trends, but don’t know where to start. The majority want to grow and innovate...

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The Problem with Offshore Development: Perception

By David Ortiz Offshore development: two words that many people cringe when they hear. Hey it’s fine to admit it, we all have our ideas of what offshore development means. Right off the bat we think cheap development while sacrificing quality, but boy was I wrong. Luckily for everyone, I’m not too proud to admit when I’m wrong, and in this case I learned that offshore development, when managed properly, can not only be effective but an asset that can take your IT staff to another level. The key there is the phrase “managed properly.” We need to understand...

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