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How PaaS Can Help Developers Deploy Cloud Apps More Quickly

How many developers do you know that could produce a cloud application (an application program that functions in the cloud) in less than a month? With knowledge of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology, more developers are increasing their ability to do just that by more easily overcoming challenges to app development. Compared to the traditional method for app creation—which required building and maintaining a complex infrastructure to support app development—PaaS is specific to cloud app development, so growing in popularity with the rise of the cloud itself. In fact, nearly 59 percent of respondents to a Cloud Pulse survey said they...

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How Public Schools Save Time With Workload Automation

The school year may be coming to an end but for administrators throughout the United States the warm summer months between June and September are when a lot of the ground work for the coming year gets tackled. While students spend their days relaxing and reenergizing after a long school year, administrators are hiring new teachers, revamping old curricula and overseeing capital projects. But perhaps most of all, they are looking ahead to the incoming class of new students who will be entering the school district for the first time. For school systems still running on paper and filing...

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3 Reasons to Use Xamarin for Building Native Mobile Apps

So you’ve decided to strengthen your organization’s mobile strategy by creating a custom mobile application. There are two design paths you can take: native and responsive.   As we have covered on this blog and in past webinars, the chief difference between these two options is that a responsive design mobile app can work across multiple devices (e.g., tablets and smartphones) and a native mobile app is device-specific, meaning it can only be used for one specific device. Despite this, however, the advantage of a native mobile app is that it can work with complex user interfaces/designs and can...

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Ask Yourself: How Can You Boost Mobile Collaboration in 2015?

We’ve been coming down hard on IT as of late, but we feel that it’s much needed because if IT doesn’t keep up with the rapid changes happening in business today, they will surely be left behind. One such change defining business is mobility; with 60 percent of organizations having deployed BYOD, mobile collaboration should be a key area of focus for IT as businesses approach a new year. To identify areas of mobile improvement within your own company, ask yourself the following questions based on’s latest “The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration” report, which provides top findings...

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