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Marketing Manager. Mark is a successful Marketing professional with over 20 years of experience and an outstanding record of achievement in B2B and B2C marketing. At AAJ, Mark wears many hats and focuses on events, email marketing, social media, and lead generation.

AAJ Technologies Presents First Ever Digital Transformation Forum To Boost South Florida Enterprises’ Digital IQ

Executives’ confidence in their organization’s digital abilities lowest in a decade with only half of executives rating their Digital IQ as strong Click Here to Register Digital Transformation in the Enterprise Conference and Luncheon on June 22, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 22, 2017. Amjad Shamim, CEO and Managing Partner of AAJ Technologies, announces, “AAJ Technologies is excited to present the DX Forum 2017 here in Fort Lauderdale at a time when companies that are hesitant to embrace technology as a business component are missing out on market share, higher customer satisfaction and shareholder returns. This is...

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Patient Engagement – Digital Transformation in Healthcare

To cap off our 3/10 #HITsm twitter chat, we asked a question that might actually be the most important issue for Healthcare IT professionals to address. Patient Engagement and empowerment are popular themes. How would you like to be empowered by digital transformation in healthcare? Perhaps, like some of the chat participants, you struggle with what it means to be empowered. Truly understanding your patients’ core needs requires data and reflection, so that solutions are simple, powerful, and integrated, rather than short-term and gimmicky. There were plenty of good ideas floating around during the chat, so let’s take a...

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Digital Transformation Roadblocks and Challenges

We’ve been sharing insights from the 3/10 #HITsm twitter chat. So far, we’ve worked to define Digital Transformation, identify characteristics of a successful DX project, and discuss key components of DX projects. Now that we’ve got a handle on what we’re trying to accomplish, let’s turn our attention to a core concern for many of those spearheading DX: Digital Transformation Roadblocks and Challenges. Technical Debt Technical debt refers to the small coding flaws that build up over years of development. In some instances, the rush to finish any given project leads to corner cutting. In other cases, it might...

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Components of Successful Digital Transformation (DX)

Today’s is the third blog in our series gleaning insights from the #HITsm chat hosted by our own Murray Izenwasser on 3/10. So far, we’ve discussed definitions of Digital Transformation in healthcare, and addressed the keys to a successful DX project. Let’s turn our attention to the most important components of a Successful Digital Transformation (DX) effort, & why they matter. We suggested several factors to get the discussion rolling, including interoperability, the IoT, analytics, mobile, and the cloud. But participants cautioned not to be seduced by a method. Here’s where to focus your energy instead. Identify the Problem...

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Key Components of a Successful Digital Transformation (DX) Project

The second question we suggested during our 3/10 #HITsm twitter chat was one that’s on everyone’s mind: What do you think is important for a successful Digital Transformation (DX) project? Technology, people, or other ‘non-digital’ elements? The overwhelming consensus was “people,” and yet as the discussion evolved, there turned out to be much more to it than that. We’ve compiled some caveats about not just sourcing the right talent, but getting out of its way. People One issue our own Murray Izenwasser raised during the chat is that, according to McKinsey, 70% of projects fall short, and 70% of...

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Client Success Story: Simply Healthcare Rises to the Challenge of New Managed Medical Assistance Program

Simply Healthcare Rises to the Challenge of New Managed Medical Assistance Program (MMA). One of the consequences of success is that you have more work to do. This was the situation with a client of ours that administers health insurance plans. They service a quarter of a million patients’ Medicare and Medicaid-related plans, including dental and vision plans and plans for chronic care patients. All this expertise came in handy when our client was tapped by the state of Florida to participate in the roll-out of the new Managed Medical Assistance Program (MMA). This Medicaid overhaul drastically accelerated patient...

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