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Maurice Dubuc

Solutions Sales Manager. Maurice is a highly successful sales executive with diverse Fortune 500, mid-size private and new business start-up professional experience. At AAJ, he regularly partners with C-Level executives to navigate the IT and digital landscapes.

3 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction: Lessons From the Newest Hospitality Industry

Stop for a moment and reflect on the last time you traveled by plane. For many, this conjures up poor memories of lost luggage, unappetizing in-flight meals or the toddler behind you kicking your seat. For the most part, trips that require air travel are considered a hassle, which is why many airlines are looking to reinvent themselves. The industry as a whole is shifting from a focus on transportation to one that’s all about hospitality. Case in point, over the last two years, airlines in North America have seen their satisfaction ratings rise, and 2015 is proving to...

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Why the Hospitality Sector Benefits Big From IT Outsourcing

The goal of any hospitality organization is simple: create an immersive, convenient end-to-end experience that meets customers’ service expectations. This can be done with the right technology—specifically, big data and analytics.   Big data and analytics enable hospitality organizations to streamline their internal workflows to make more informed, actionable decisions that better serve clients. For example, by leveraging and analyzing the data it collects from hundreds of customers each day, a hotel can fine-tune its vacation packages to include additional services like nearby dining, transportation, entertainment and shopping. The end result is that customers can maximize their stay and...

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