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Nizar Lavji

Vice President, Portals & Collaboration. Nizar has over 25 years of leadership and hands-on technical experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining the AAJ team, Nizar founded and managed Vista Technologies that was a Microsoft SharePoint focused consulting practice that had a strong presence in the Portals & Collaboration space in South Florida. More

Azure Announcements From Microsoft Build

Azure Announcements From Microsoft Build We’ve already discussed our enthusiasm for Microsoft’s robust global data storage model, Azure Cosmos Database DB, but there were a lot of other exciting takeaways from the Build Conference. Take a look at some these offerings, and the potential for a more fluid, creative, intelligent, and mobile workflow. Fluent Design Microsoft is highly focused on creating seamless transitions across devices. These include a cloud-powered clipboard so that you can copy on your desktop and paste on an array of mobile devices, as well as expanded functionality for the Surface Pen, which can now be...

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6 Things You’re Missing Because You Don’t Have an Employee Portal

6 Things You’re Missing Because You Don’t Have an Employee Portal How many of your daily tasks involve documents that have to be shared, verified or updated? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could disseminate, revise and print documents without having to actually pass them around? A secure employee portal, like one made using SharePoint, is the way to go. We’re not saying there won’t be sacrifices, but if you’re willing to make them, here are six things you could be doing with an employee portal. You Could Be Increasing Your Networking Some of our offices are so far-flung...

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The IoT: Redefining Collaboration and What That Means for Your Enterprise

Collaboration is engrained in human culture. It’s what enabled us to build the Great Wall of China, put a man on the moon and establish systems of government worldwide. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) has drastically improved collaboration—via various tech devices—among human beings. Furthermore, the IoT has had a drastic impact on enterprise collaboration through interoffice communication platforms accessible through the cloud. Sooner rather than later, any device that can be fitted with low-power digital radios will be. These devices containing embedded sensors will then be able to create a data stream for others to identify and capture....

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Here’s the 411 on SharePoint 2016

While it hasn’t led to long queues outside of retailers like the unveiling of the last iPhone, and it’s hardly the water cooler fodder that the latest viral video craze or celebrity gossip is, the internet is nonetheless abuzz with talk of Microsoft’s newest installation of SharePoint—appropriately titled SharePoint 2016. The popular collaborative web application, which is used by many Fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike, needs to deliver the reliable features and content that enterprises have come to expect, as competition and innovation from other collaboration platforms have caused SharePoint to lose a little bit of...

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Now is The Time to Invest in Microsoft Solutions

For decades now enterprises have had to weigh the options of which operating system they would run in their offices; Windows or OS X. Microsoft, being an early innovator of the modern PC, saw quick rise in market share as the essential computing platform for any organization that was serious about its IT initiatives. The residual effects of this are still seen today as Microsoft’s Outlook email offering—a cornerstone for business software—now boasts more than 400 million active accounts. However, despite Microsoft’s early dominance in the field of computing, many end users and businesses began to migrate to Apple’s...

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Why Big Enterprises Need to Think Like Small Businesses

If you’re a member of the C-suite at a large enterprise—perhaps a Fortune 500 company—you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your counterpart in the world of small business. After all, while you both might be the heads of your organizations, the similarities almost always end there. However, as the CEO or head of an enterprise that is trying to cut cost and expand efficiently, you might want to take a moment and start to think like a small business owner. There’s no doubt that in today’s economy, small businesses have their work cut out for them. After...

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