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Robert Kutz

Senior Consultant, Business Intelligence Architect. Robert has over 25 years of IT experience with fifteen years developing and implementing Business Intelligence solutions using the Microsoft Power BI and IBM BI stacks in a wide variety of vertical markets.

Business Intelligence: Serving Your Power Users

Our relationship with analytics is changing, and our organizations need to change with it. As our employees become increasingly skilled at manipulating data, how do we create self-serve interfaces they’ll actually use? What happens when we don’t? The problem with the traditional BI model is that it presupposes facts that are no longer true. In the worst case scenario, IT departments are still building analytics on demand. Then there’s the issue of inflexible or outdated analytics tools. These at least allow some self-serve access, but tend to be designed around traditional ways of looking at data. An increasing number...

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Everything Businesses Need to Know About Big Data Analytics

Being on the forefront of innovation is important to any business. So is top-notch customer service (at least it should be). To achieve these top two priorities in tandem takes insight; after all, it’s not easy to stay on the cutting edge of trends and make your customers a primary focus at the same time. Companies that are successful doing this are the ones capable of organizing big data in a useful way. And the world is flooded with a plethora of data to organize and utilize. In fact, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day, according...

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How to Cut Through the Clutter of Big Data

When big data busted onto the scene a years ago—as new technology paved the way for the creation and transfer of massive amounts of information—many business leaders were unsure of what to make of the mountains of raw data that their companies were collecting. Many doubted that it was possible to gain insights into their business by trying to make sense of it all, considering such attempts a probable waste of time. By 2015, that sort of thinking is considered old-fashioned, since big data has proven it’s here to stay as a tool for driving business intelligence (BI) gains....

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Using Effective Data Visualization Will Cure Your Fear of Big Data

In a very short time, big data has revolutionized the world we live in. To a certain extent, businesses have always used data to help make more informed decisions, but only in recent years have we seen it change entire facets of our daily lives. From accelerating the evolution of the telephone, to changing the very foundation of sports, to helping eradicate diseases throughout the world, data has infiltrated every facet of our lives. Regardless of the industry your company is in, the size of your business or how long it’s been around, there is data to be collected...

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Master Data Management 101

If your organization is at all familiar with big data, analytics or business intelligence (BI) then chances are you have also heard the term “master data management,” or MDM. For those organizations that have built a robust BI and analytics strategy—that is, they consistently collect and leverage data to gain insights and improve business measures—MDM provides support by working to eliminate common data quality issues that can be experienced during the data-gleaning process. In short, an MDM solution helps companies consolidate, filter and enhance the overall quality of data collected, enabling them to gain clearer and more actionable insights....

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How to Craft Your Best Big Data Pitch

There’s no denying the role that big data plays within almost every enterprise today. From retailers working to better understand their in-store shoppers to manufacturers striving to streamline production, businesses within every industry are working to see just how big data can improve their workflows and decision-making processes. Recent research also confirms this widespread adoption:   The cloud-based business intelligence (BI) market is set to grow from $750 million in 2013 to $2.94 in 2018—a CAGR of 31 percent—and the mobile and social BI markets are also slated for year-over-year growth (source). Global spending on big data hardware and...

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