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Shams Zuha

Practice Lead, Portals and Collaboration. Shams has been in the IT industry for over 18 years, focusing on Microsoft SharePoint platform solutions for the last decade. He regularly consults with clients, providing education on how to most effectively collaborate using the latest technologies.

Custom Employee Portals: Apps Aren’t Just for Your Phone

Apps allow unprecedented customization of employee portals using the strength of SharePoint and Office365 as their backbone. Here are a few examples of useful SharePoint apps. Sway. “I don’t need another presentation tool,” you’re saying. “PowerPoint is fine.” Maybe. But look at what Sway can do. This cloud-based app can deliver richer content in a more fluid fashion than PowerPoint. You can include images and videos– even gifs. You can also integrate interactive content. Wouldn’t it be a boon to stream those hashtagged twitter questions within the presentation itself? Here’s a list of the possible embeds. Delve. This app...

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You Shouldn’t Have to Organize Projects Alone

We’ve talked before about how smoothly Office 365 apps integrate with each other. No matter how well programs integrate, it’s only useful if you can use it to become more organized and efficient. Employee portals like SharePoint, used correctly, get you out from under the hood of a project, because you won’t be the only person keeping things organized! Let’s take a look at how SharePoint works to keep everyone on the same page. One Paradigm – Left to their own devices, different teams can have very different ideas about the process behind a project. Did you know that...

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Have You Ever Really Looked at Your Office 365 Suite?

Office 365 is so common in the modern workplace that we tend to assume we’re using it to its fullest potential. The truth is, it’s easy to overlook ways that Office 365 can improve efficiency and networking throughout your organization. Let’s take a closer look at Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype. Each of these are powerful programs by themselves, and the seamless integration they have as part of Office 365 ups that power to the next level. Exchange –  Exchange is all about integration, bringing together Outlook accounts, contacts and calendars company-wide. Exchange offers features like email chain grouping,...

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Collaboration Platforms: Complementing IT Team Skills

The advent of new technology has changed the landscape for IT staff, with expectations of their skills reaching a new level. IT workers are facing new pressures to learn different technologies, according to a study done by Deloitte. An IT staff that can meet the demands of the current work environment, which encompasses both legacy and new systems, must nowadays encompass a wide range of skills. The skill set that IT workers possess is not an easy one to obtain; it takes years of schooling and experience. Even so, to keep up with today’s tech demands, businesses must expose...

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What’s new in SharePoint Server 2016?

SharePoint Server 2016 public beta will be available for the public in the coming months. For those ambitious people who can’t wait to test it out you can download the IT preview from here! Improvements 1. Authentication Microsoft has rightfully decided to keep the old authentication methods like Windows, Claims, Forms-based, SML, etc. for backwards compatibility. SharePoint 2016 is going to use SAML as its default authentication method. 2. Min Roles In the previous version of SharePoint, the type of server you have correlates to the services you run on it. If you have set up search services on...

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5 Quick Tips for SharePoint Beginners

Collaboration tools are a dime a dozen these days, with seemingly every company launching its own version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, or Outlook. If those programs sound familiar, it is because they all fall under the Microsoft Office umbrella. Another one of those programs, SharePoint, allows enterprises to create websites that they can use to connect with their customers, employees, and business partners. For those who are not familiar with the finer points of SharePoint, its benefits include a powerful collaboration platform, ability to house servers in –house or as infrastructure as a service in the cloud, and...

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