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SAP SharePoint Integration as a Pharmaceuticals Industry Solution

by Qasim Mehmood I had an experience with a large enterprise solution for a huge pharmaceutical company. This particular company was facing major difficulties in managing administrative and training requirements and cost for SAP. Especially due to the recession, that time cost was becoming a huge factor in their overall operations! New employees are joining the organization and old employees have marriages and other life changing events and when they need to use SAP bases HR system, it’s really complex, less intuitive and the company needs to train their users regularly which costs a lot. This is even more...

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Improvements in SharePoint 2010 from the Business Perspective – Part 2

By Mohsin Naeem This is the second post in a series of blog posts on SharePoint 2010 improvements. If you’ve missed the first post, you could read it here Audience Targeting In SharePoint 2010 users can target Web Part content in two ways: Configuration Web Parts Pages to display different Web Parts based on audience membership. Configure Web Parts to display different content based on audience membership. Document Management SharePoint 2010 includes a broad collection of new capabilities that simplify and streamline how companies manage documents. Content Organizer Content Organizer is a rules-based classification engine that provides consistent classification...

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SharePoint 2010 as a Mission Critical System

by Qasim Mehmood I was involved in an interesting problem in major public utility sector in US (electricity and gas). They faced huge accessibility and serviceability issues during Hurricane Irene (earthquake and flood) in mid-2011. This client (an electricity company) is using SharePoint 2010 as the internet portal to the general public and users can come and see different services like bills, outage information, news etc. This client faced unanticipated traffic during Hurricane Irene. Their site was unable to scale the magnitude of traffic effectively, creating substantial problems for the end users and business. Around 20 percent of registered...

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