Just like any technology product or service, you can’t invest in a business intelligence (BI) analyst or the services this professional—or team of professionals—provides until you understand why you need such a resource in the first place. The fact that you’ve landed on this blog shows that you are indeed interested in learning more. So let’s get into it, shall we?

BI and analytics is a smart investment that many organizations are ready to make, as evidenced by research from IDC revealing that the worldwide business analytics software market grew 8.2 percent to reach $37.7 billion in 2013. But companies lacking the in-house talent or time to conduct BI and analytics will fail to see their BI applications live up to expectations. In this case, tapping into the skills, strategy and experience of a business intelligence analyst is recommended.

So, what does a BI analyst do exactly? In short, this professional is tasked with spearheading your company’s data collection process. By mining your company’s computer data, for example, a BI analyst can uncover pertinent information that could:

  • More competitively position your company
  • Align your organization with key industry trends
  • Reveal how your business can make a bigger and more profitable impact while identifying cost-saving areas in the process

The analyst(s) will leverage a set of necessary tools and applications to dig into your company’s technologies, applications and processes to uncover this applicable data and, as a result, provide you with unprecedented competitive insights to drive your company toward success.

AAJ’s team of BI analysts has been helping companies with business analytics for over a decade. We recommend a step-by-step approach comprised of five distinct stages, from building a solid reporting foundation to creating an optimal delivery model; each stage works off of every other stage. Our approach ensures that you won’t try to build systems and applications that are too complex or that will exceed your organization’s ability to take action and deliver results.

At AAJ, we take pride in our proven track record of completing BI projects on time and within budget. We can help ensure your organization successfully realizes the full promise of BI. Click here to connect with our team of experts today—we would love to keep the conversation going with you!