AAJ Vaults Alternative Home Health Care into the Cloud. In-home caregivers improve health outcomes and help people live life to the fullest in their own homes. One client of ours provides these vital services by connecting patients with the care professionals they need. But when we connected with them, their traditional administrative and staffing systems were phone-based, personnel-heavy, and time consuming. Worse, their legacy workflow wasn’t very adaptable. A last-minute scheduling change could create both staffing and billing confusion…a big problem when your business’s success depends on your reputation with clients and insurers.

The client knew a better solution was out there, and we were confident we could deliver. To begin with, we simplified scheduling by creating a custom mobile application that makes it easy for patients and caregivers to connect with each other directly. Scheduling changes now update immediately, avoiding the errors created by hand-kept records. A web portal makes it easy for our client to provide oversight and direct assistance as needed, and provides intelligence on organization-wide operations, as well. Administrative staffing needs are significantly reduced. Everyone involved has more autonomy, and yet records are much more clear and linear than they were.

But that was only one piece of the puzzle. We also designed an end-to-end enterprise solution that streamlines every step of the client’s payroll and accounting operations. The system can easily tailor invoicing for any billing situation, from an insurer, to a private payer, to patient payment. The system also handles payments to caregivers.

High-maintenance, manual, legacy systems were a real impediment to expansion. The automated solutions AAJ created interact nimbly with each other, streamlining operations, and freeing up time and capital to invest in driving the organization forward.

To find out more about how this healthcare staffing company introduced a workflow so streamlined it practically runs itself, download the case study.

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