It’s no secret that governmental operations produce huge amounts of paperwork. Storage and access of legal documents can be a huge problem—especially if you’re one of the largest trial courts in the country and each division of the court has their own independent storage system, like our recent client. This made finding documents, ensuring security, and disseminating information a nightmare.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the court was also relying on outdated manual processes to exchange documents and follow up on problems. They were in desperate need of modern automation, so they called AAJ in to bring them up to speed.

After carefully considering the problem, we designed a comprehensive Employee Portal that would fulfill all of these needs. Utilizing the latest security and accessibility technology, our implementation team built a system that would store all documents in one searchable location and automate many of the employees’ daily tasks.

So what did this mean for the trial court? Increased productivity, more robust security, improved ease of finding and sharing documents, and a sustainable infrastructure that can support growth in the future.

To find out more about how the court’s Employee Portal changed their workflow and increased their efficiency, download the full case study.