Pawn shops have some unique transactional models, and we recently worked with a client to developed Financial Management Software specifically to meet those needs.

The client had a 30-year history of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, their software, PawnMaster, the leading solution in the field, had been built on now-outdated technology, and it showed. Performance issues were becoming more common, and pawnbrokers with more than one store location were experiencing trouble consolidating transactions so they could get a clear look at their business’s performance. Workarounds were wasting time and increasing staffing needs unnecessarily. Once-satisfied customers were complaining, and new business had dropped off.

The entire system needed to be rebuilt from scratch with new architecture, so that’s exactly what AAJ did. We used modern tools such as .Net, MVC and SQL 2014, and leveraged Amazon cloud architecture to create a fully scalable system, so that our client could not only satisfy their existing customer base, but could once again successfully grow their business.

What’s more, we provided a greatly improved user experience by creating an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. Role-based security makes it easier to flexibly address the needs of a single business with multiple locations. Business owners who once struggled to integrate transactions from multiple locations now have access to a wide variety of reporting features that keep them nimble as they grow their operations. And of course, because the new system isn’t built on legacy architecture, it’s more loosely coupled and integrates well with other systems and peripherals.

Beta testers and new customers love the next evolution of PawnMaster, called PawnMaster Ignite. We’re currently migrating the remainder of our client’s existing customers over to the new system.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we opened new horizons for our client’s business growth, read the full case study.

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