Simply Healthcare Rises to the Challenge of New Managed Medical Assistance Program (MMA). One of the consequences of success is that you have more work to do. This was the situation with a client of ours that administers health insurance plans. They service a quarter of a million patients’ Medicare and Medicaid-related plans, including dental and vision plans and plans for chronic care patients.

All this expertise came in handy when our client was tapped by the state of Florida to participate in the roll-out of the new Managed Medical Assistance Program (MMA). This Medicaid overhaul drastically accelerated patient intake workflows. Applications would now arrive on a rolling basis, instead of in batches. Processes that used to be done by hand now had a mandatory five-day window for completion. Lack of compliance would result in stiff fines, so every aspect of the new workflow had to work perfectly.

Our client needed backup– and they needed it fast. From creation to implementation, we had only 4-6 weeks to roll out a new system that would meet all of their needs under the new legislation.

By the time we were done, we were able to make life quite a lot easier for our client. As one example, when patient applicants don’t request a specific physician, it’s the managing organization’s job to match them with one. Our solution was to use zip codes to quickly match patients with local physicians, automating the task and providing near instant results. In the past it took two employees to execute this. Now, one employee can complete this work in less than two work days per week.

In the end, we met all of the state mandated deadlines, streamlined our client’s workflows, and created a fully scalable system. That’s important, because participation in the MMA creates potential for unprecedented growth. The initial roll-out has already resulted in a 20% surge in patients.

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