December is a stressful time for most working teams; sales, for example, may be working ’round the clock to close year-end deals while marketing may be collaborating on a huge campaign for a New Year’s product launch. While some departments are under the gun, this is usually not an impactful business time for IT. While they too might have staff members out, it’s otherwise a remarkably good time of year to focus on identifying strong, profitable business goals for the coming year.

One IT goal that will align with most companies’ top business priorities is legacy modernization, since this upgrade:

Affects every corner of your company: Modernizing your legacy apps and systems will help improve your organization as a whole—from sales to HR to accounting to marketing and beyond. Every single employee will reap the benefits of using applications that are no longer siloed but, rather, seamlessly integrated for remote and mobile use.

Is the main focus of your direct competitors: Application development, upgrades and replacement was listed as a top area of IT spending for 2015, according to a ComputerWorld annual forecast survey, along with advanced, integrated services like cloud, business analytics and wireless/mobile. To tap into the benefits of this seamless and holistic work environment, you need to modernize your legacy IT equipment.

Will keep your employees (and subsequently customers) happy: To ensure you havefully engaged employees, you must provide them with the industry’s most advanced and collaborative technologies. Otherwise, eventually, your workforce will be running on fumes instead of a full tank of gas, and your brand will lose its competitive edge. Jeffrey Mann, VP of research at Gartner, speaking at Gartner’s Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit, confirmed that many employees have either stopped using legacy apps or are beginning to avoid using them. These disengaged employees have the potential to kill your business, he added.

Any other reasons you can think of for honing in on legacy modernization this month? Share them with us in the comments section below.