Whether you’re new to SharePoint or a seasoned veteran, by now you’ve probably come to feel that no matter you experience level SharePoint can be a complicated system for both the novice and the pro technician. The intranet portal that Microsoft created has incredible potential and can certainly help any business become more efficient and profitable but, first, companies need to properly understand how to implement and leverage the technology.

Luckily, trusted third-party vendors like AAJ have the ability to help tackle the heavy lifting and get you on your way to utilizing the many tools available via SharePoint that are designed to ease collaboration and streamline workflow.

As end users begin to explore the vast ecosystem of communities, search functions and insights that are provided through SharePoint (such as business intelligence), they will begin to find themselves wondering what else this powerful intranet portal can do.

One feature of SharePoint that we haven’t recently discussed is your ability to tap the platform to create Web applications right inside the SharePoint interface. These applications help close the gap in SharePoint that represent the disconnect between the end user’s work and personal technology use in that people generally use apps for everyday functions and not within their work environments.

By bridging this gap, SharePoint offers an intuitive interface that can be designed and created by the end user themselves, so the application works the way you need it to and the way you expect it to. Creating applications in SharePoint is a great way to increase collaboration by facilitating data, document and idea sharing.

Apps can be designed to streamline scheduling and requests can live in on one SharePoint site and approvals can be streamlined through machine automation. Other collaborative apps can allow for multiple users to access single documents, cutting out the middle-man of your email server, and allowing project completion to be accelerated.

While there are a number of apps available in SharePoint’s store that you can download (browse the list here), there are even more advantages to be reaped in designing an app on your own. If you’re finding it difficult to create your own app in SharePoint, AAJ is here to help.

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