For many organizations, cost is the No. 1 factor preventing them from making much-needed infrastructure investments or from moving forward with critical IT projects. With most organizations operating under tight budgets and being asked to accomplish more with less funds, finances have become a major barrier for making significant improvements and identifying new revenue streams.


Due to these challenges, many organizations have turned to project-based financing—the long-term financing of IT projects based on their potential ROI—as a way to make necessary business improvements in a cost-efficient manner. In short, organizations can repay their IT vendor for the project funding with the cash flow that the project generates.


Many businesses—especially those in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education and government—consider project-based financing advantageous as it allows them to save considerably on upfront capital; however, business decision makers should have a deep understanding of project-based financing before committing to this financing model.


To help business professionals make the best financial decisions for their organizations, AAJ Technologies and Summit Funding Group, an equipment finances and leasing solutions provider, will be hosting a webinar on March 19 titled “The Dollars and Sense of Financing Technology Projects.”


This webinar will walk attendees through multiple stages of project-based financing including:


  • Matching monthly expenses to monthly ROI
  • Differentiating capital verses true leases
  • The benefits of deferring payments
  • Borrowing verses financing
  • And more



We suggest that any business professional interested in learning more about project-based financing attend this event. Click here to view our webinar and be sure to check our blog for a multipart series that will provide a deeper dive into the various aspects of project-based financing.


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