An intranet portal is an invaluable tool that provides employees with access to corporate information in one central, readily-accessible location. But have you ever thought about your employees who work outside of the office? What about the employee who only comes in every Tuesday because his/her commute is so long? How about your marketing manager who has been on the road for the last few weeks attending tradeshows?

Whether you realize it or not, the majority of your employees are spending at least some of their time outside your company’s headquarters. As such, your employees need access to your intranet portal when they are working late at home or from the car or while in a remote branch office.

Mobile enterprise portal optimization is a key takeaway found in the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG)’s 2014 “Intranet Portals: UX Design Experience from Real-Life Projects” report. According to research NNG cites from Pew Internet, 90 percent of Americans have a cell phone, 58 percent which are smartphones; meanwhile, a very small percentage of organizations are truly optimized for the mobile experience or offer task-specific applications to support daily work.

The summary of the report sums it up perfectly: “Enterprise portals today drive usage with helpful applications, soar with role-based personalization, employ a variety of user research methods, and rely on decentralized governance models. But they lag in mobile optimization.”

So ask yourself this question: does every employee of yours have access to your intranet portal? If you can’t confidently answer that question, we would love to chat with you further. At AAJ, we take pride in being able to help businesses of all types and sizes accelerate mobile productivity through a custom-created mobile intranet portal. As a third-party IT expert, we can help you with everything from initial strategizing to implementation to ongoing consulting and maintenance.

If you’re lagging in mobile optimization, AAJ’s team of experts can help.