If you’re ready to convert your old, sub-optimally performing systems to new, do you have a game plan of how you intend to do so? The 2014-2015 NFL season reminded us that even the best teams in the league can falter without the most strategic, well executed plays. So, when it comes to market competitiveness and relevance, is your organization the equivalent of the New England Patriots—the reigning champion—or the team that got knocked out before the playoffs?


When it comes to legacy modernization, you need a comprehensive strategy—a playbook—for getting your organization’s legacy modernization project over the finish line quickly, efficiently and within budget. Here are five ways you can get started creating an unbeatable legacy modernization playbook this month (and any month ahead):


  1. Do a self-study: Before you can determine what your best “play” is, you must first determine the current state of your organization. Explore and identify technical capabilities, obstacles, and how a legacy modernization project would integrate, or collide, with quarterly and yearly goals.


  1. Determine your budget: At the end of the day only you can answer this question. If you haven’t yet determined your budget, schedule a meeting this month with your finance team and C-suite to realistically flesh out the numbers.


  1. Identify which apps/systems you want to migrate first: This month, identify which application or system you want to modernize first. Once you have measured the success of that more granular move, consider scaling your project.


  1. Brainstorm who, if possible, could make up your project team: Keeping things on prem? Then you need to identify who within your company is ideally suited to spearhead your legacy modernization project. We recently blogged about three key players to consider including.


  1. Begin researching potential vendors to assist or completely offload your project: Your playbook will need to built around your plans to outsource or co-source your legacy modernization project. Take this month to do a deep dive into at least two potential IT vendors; see what they offer, their core competencies and legacy modernization success rates.


You know best what your company needs. At AAJ, we know legacy modernization best. Click here to connect with our team of experts today to see if we may be the right fit for your next project.