The catch phrase “there’s an app for that” has gone from awe-inspiring to commonplace, but that doesn’t make it any less true. There is, indeed, an application for just about anything. Compared to working with a single, clunky system that was never quite as flexible as we needed it to be, the age of customized applications is doing amazing things for business.

End App Triangulation

Still, there’s one drawback to working with a patchwork accumulation of applications—they’re not great at talking to each other. As wonderful as those shiny, specialized features are, the more apps you’re dealing with, the more opportunities there are for miscommunication. The perfect workflow you envisioned seems to be just out of reach. Add in periodic software updates, and you can end up in a never-ending cycle of troubleshooting as you try to figure out where the conversation broke down.

Take Back the Solution

The diversity that makes applications so useful also means that rewriting the apps themselves to address these problems is a ridiculously complicated process. After all, even if app development companies collaborated seamlessly (and they don’t), there are endless combinations of apps to consider. Obviously, even if it was possible, trying to make sure every app can talk to every other app is too time-consuming to be worthwhile.

There ought to be a way to avail yourself of the best business solutions out there without having a choppy workflow from task to task. So, what’s the solution? How do you get your applications to network with each other efficiently and drive your business?

Truly Integrate Your System

You do it by using a total integration solution. What we’re describing is a solution that has evolved well beyond the single point-to-point integration tools you may have seen in the past. Think of a total integration solution as a high tech Rosetta Stone. It does all the translating so your individual applications don’t have to. And here are two more benefits:

  • It’s customizable. While it’s designed to work with the apps you have, a total integration solution adapts to deal with new applications as your needs change.
  • It’s scalable. A total integration solution predicts where your business will go, rather than reactively patching things up as you outgrow your current system.

AAJ Specialists Have the Expertise You Need

With a total integrations solution, your key applications will meld into one seamless, integrated system. Our integration experts specialize in both Microsoft BizTalk and MuleSoft, so we can design a solution that will allow you to move data between applications with such ease, you might forget that’s what you’re doing.