Broward Health Utilizes Mobile App to Streamline Employee Communications And Patient Referrals

Take a look at the Mobile Enterprise Application project we recently completed for Broward Health — one of the ten largest public healthcare systems in the US comprised of more than six hospitals and over 30 healthcare facilities serving the South Florida region. Broward Health wanted to part ways with all legacy communications. The application they desired needed to function as a social network for Physicians to contact each other to make patient referrals or schedule surgeries. Broward Health could not afford having their physicians preoccupied with paperwork and phone calls rather than attending to patients. Broward Health needed a solution — fast…

Broward Health selected AAJ from more than a dozen different companies to develop the mobile enterprise application “Physicians Direct.” With a full page view of every physician’s profile at Broward Health and an adjustable filter for search options, the application single-handedly eliminated all paperwork. Any physician that created a profile had the ability to update their location daily, refer patients to other physicians, email other physicians or employees, schedule surgeries, and / or contact the IT team for support. Since the implementation of the mobile application, physicians have been spending less time filling out forms and more time attending to their main job — patient care.

Download the full Case Study to learn more about how Broward Health leveraged Enterprise Mobility to eliminate the paper trail and optimize patient care.