The school year may be coming to an end but for administrators throughout the United States the warm summer months between June and September are when a lot of the ground work for the coming year gets tackled.

While students spend their days relaxing and reenergizing after a long school year, administrators are hiring new teachers, revamping old curricula and overseeing capital projects. But perhaps most of all, they are looking ahead to the incoming class of new students who will be entering the school district for the first time.

For school systems still running on paper and filing cabinets, a surge of new students can put a real burden on those responsible for receiving, maintaining and reporting their records.

In most cases students are required to submit a proof of age, residency and immunizations in order to enroll in a public school. For students who are transferring from another district, they will be required to supply a transcript. Furthermore, for those with special medical needs, these conditions must be documented in the student’s record.

With hectic work schedules, it can be difficult for parents to hit the deadlines and have all the documents submitted at a single time. As you can imagine this creates quite the headache for the secretaries and clerks who need to constantly retrieve the files, putting other important scheduling tasks aside to attend to the files.

But there is an easier way. School districts can leverage a workload automation system that can handle student records in the same way contact forms work on websites. By implementing a secured system, parents can take care of the heavy lifting of uploading electronic medical records, transcripts, immunization records and other important documents for their student’s admission.

Furthermore, a fully integrated system like the one used at Florida Virtual Schools can provide students with a portal for registration, freeing up the team in your school’s guidance department and allowing them to complete and file less paperwork and provide students with more guidance. If a school district has decided to outsource its system to a third-party for a customized product, the district can add even more features like digital permission slips and payments for class trips.

Utilizing a workload automation system helps school districts stay organized, track the student’s education from K-12 and relieves the stress parents experience about keeping their student’s records up to date regularly.

If you’d like to learn more about what your district can do to help your school’s stay on top of student records, click here.