The Internet of Things (IoT) has been driving innovation in a variety of industries across the globe. Through the use of wearable technology enabled through the IoT, doctors have been able to more efficiently track patient data. Police officers now have access to firearms and equipment that record critical data (shots fired, gun unholstering, officer location) that can be sent back to their stations. Even household chores such as gardening and cooking have been streamlined through the use of IoT-connected devices. What does this mean for the world of business and your enterprise?

To explain just that, Jeff Fudge, global director of software and integration at Sato Global Solutions, hosted a webinar, available on demand with AAJ titled “How the Internet (IoT) of Things is Shaping Business Today.” Fudge has held several IT leadership positions throughout his career, and has managed the technology for systems across accounting, warehouse management, Internet/e-commerce, sales and infrastructure.

Fudge starts the webinar with an explanation of the relevance of the IoT today, saying, “The Internet of Things is an evolution, not a revolution,” meaning that the IoT is not as new as most people believe. “I think all of the [IoT] technologies have been around for a while. If you think about the Internet, wireless technology, smart phones and other mobile devices, it is a natural evolution. As much as marketing speak says it’s revolutionary … it’s a lot of marketing hype.”

When you view this webinar, you will gain a greater insight into how the IoT and business can better work together. Fudge defines the IoT, explains why it matters, who is using it, the advantages it provides and how companies can better prepare for it.

If you would like to learn more about how the IoT is shaping the world of business as we know it, then watch the free webinar by clicking here.