Custom mobile applications are rapidly taking over the business world as businesses look to meet consumers with where they are—in the mobile app landscape. For those not yet in the mobile app market, research has begun to show that a move towards the mobile software creation can be a big advantage. A recent CDW Enterprise Mobile App Report, which surveyed mobile decision makers, found that:

  • 25 percent of businesses are already achieving a competitive advantage from custom app use
  • Employees save on average 7.5 hours a week thanks to custom mobile apps
  • 82 percent of businesses believe custom mobile apps have helped generate greater revenue

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that nearly 50 percent of businesses are expected to increase their budget for custom mobile apps, according to the aforementioned report.

One solution enterprises are utilizing to create these custom mobile apps is finding a trusted third-party vendor that will handle building, testing and monitoring the app over the product’s lifecycle. For those who prefer to have more of a hand in the apps creation, software like Xamarin, mobile application and development and creation software, is a helpful solution that helps accomplish your mobile app goals.

However, unless you’re accustomed to the app creation platform, even those leveraging Xamarin may need help from outside sources to achieve to bring the application project to completion. Noticing this need, AAJ has invited IBM Senior Product Manager John Phelan and Xamarin Director of Enterprise Mobility Steve Hall to discuss the topic in our upcoming June 25 webinar titled, “Mobile Enterprise Success with Xamarin and IBM.”

The 1:30 pm webinar will discuss a range of topics to help you be successful with this app building platform. Discussion topics include:

  • Identifying challenges in cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows) mobile app development
  • Highlighting efficient development techniques
  • Develop ingfull native iOS and Android apps with Xamarin

To learn more about the upcoming webinar, and to reserve your spot, click here.