Whether it’s news to you or not, the SharePoint “cloud first” mantra is increasingly becoming a talking point for leaders of IT departments throughout the business world. In recent years, Microsoft has increased its efforts to ramp up its cloud-based intranet portal solution, SharePoint Online. While these upgrades to the cloud-based solution have come as good news to SharePoint Online users, others see them as a sign of the beginning of the end for the solution’s on-premises counterpart.

In fact, in a recent webinar titled “SharePoint Cloud – How to Execute an Easy Migration,” AAJ’s Shams Zuha, practice lead for portals and collaboration, stated in no uncertain terms that he believes on-premises SharePoint will face the same fate as Windows Server 2003, for which Microsoft will shut down support early next month.

“Keep in mind, Microsoft’s overall plan is to have SharePoint online and to totally cut off on-premise,” Zuha said during the webinar.

As Microsoft continues to push a “cloud first” agenda, end users have steadily begun to migrate from on-premises to cloud SharePoint usage. Whether you’ve made the move to the cloud yet or are considering doing so, there are a number of items you’ll want to take into consideration, such as the benefits of migrating and how to optimize your new solution once you’ve made the move.

In a recent post , we covered the top reasons to make the move to SharePoint Online. In an effort to continue educating our clients on this important IT decision, AAJ has asked our Senior Consultant in our Portals and Collaboration practice, Moshin Naeem to present a webinar on SharePoint Online optimization.

The presentation, scheduled for Thursday, July 16, is titled “Top Five Areas to Improve Your SharePoint Performance in the Cloud,” and will cover a number of topics including:

  • Different cloud options
  • SharePoint Online techniques
  • How to manage large data

To learn more about Mohsin and to register for the Thursday afternoon webinar, click here.