Your customers expect the bare minimum of a mobile-optimized website, but what they want is an app. It’s worth the investment. While revenue does go up when your in-store customers use your mobile site, when customers use your app, they spend an average of 6x more than solely in-store or website customers. In fact, mobile customers will actually use your app in-store to look up details, apply coupons, and so on.

Smartphone users may download a lot of apps, but 84% of smartphone users’ time is spent in their top 5. Getting and staying in a user’s top 5 preferred apps is a serious challenge, but that’s where you want to be!

Conversely, a lackluster app can actually damage your reputation. The customer will consider the user experience on that app to be an indicator of your mindset when it comes to technology. The more cumbersome the app is; the less credibility you have. So, what’s the difference between a good app, and a truly great one?

Go Beyond the Basics

There are minimum standards any decent app should meet. It should be relatively crash-proof, save time, be quick and easy to use, and it shouldn’t be an undue power drain on a user’s phone.

A truly great app, however, works flawlessly. It puts the user in the driver’s seat, and offers experiences specific to the user’s current context. For example, a customer might use your app in-store to scan QR codes, whereas at home, they’d appreciate a zip code search function that identifies the closest store with an item in stock.

Build Loyalty with Intuitive Design

Great apps are intuitive, delivering what we refer to as the “mobile moment.” This describes a perfect user experience, streamlined and contextual to the point of wish fulfillment.

This kind of interaction fosters customer loyalty. It offers ongoing opportunities to engage with your brand, which builds a relationship. And because the app can be accessed anywhere, at any time, that relationship unfolds at the customer’s convenience. Great apps can increase customer loyalty by up to 15 points over merely good apps.

 Great Apps Lower Costs for Better ROI

Keep in mind that a really great app lowers costs. Its ability to address customer needs at any time reduces your staffing needs while actually increasing customer satisfaction. When you look at the compounding impact of reduced costs, increased customer spending, and increased brand loyalty, it’s easy to see that a great app is a worthwhile investment.

To stay in that top 5 on your ideal customer’s smartphone, you need to understand the benefits and challenges inherent to really great app design. We’ve created a whitepaper, linked below, that goes over this information in more detail. Investigate the mindset and type of information you need in order to design an app that will function intuitively for your customers. Then put your developers to work leveraging that knowledge to make yours the go-to app in your field.

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