We are all aware that our smartphones are continually advising us to update our apps. At times we do so diligently; other times, we ignore these alerts for days. IT professionals agree though that there is no definitive timeline for updating mobile apps, as the motivation for developers to update apps varies. These motivators include app complexity, availability of programming resources, bug urgency and keyword update testing.

In fact, mobile app store marketing intelligence firm SensorTower recently compiled a list of 25 apps and analyzed the range of update periods, finding that most apps were updated on average every 30 days. Games are usually the most frequently updated applications, while social media and messaging apps, such as YouTube and Tumblr, or Viber and Kik Messenger are less often updated.

To comprehend the upgrade cycle for apps, we must first examine the meaning of application lifecycle management (ALM). ALM includes the time and money spent by an organization on application development, from its creation to the end of its life.

ALM encompasses three areas: governance, development, and operations.

  • Governance entails the decision making and project management for the app.
  • Development involves the actual creation of the application, from design to deployment.
  • Operations relate to the backend work required to run and manage the application.

Despite the seemingly complex nature of developing and implementing a mobile application, full-resource IT vendors like AAJ Technologies can provide services that help simplify the app development process, enabling companies to effectively manage updates and modifications.

By managing the full lifecycle of your custom business application—from initial strategizing to deployment to ongoing maintenance—AAJ can help you stay on top of continual updates and monitoring that your app will need over time. This, of course, helps strengthen the consumer experience to give your company a leg up on the competition.

The scope of business objectives that AAJ caters to affords companies customized application development that is tailor-made to meet their most pressing business demands. AAJ’s unparalleled standing in the fields of application development and systems integration equips companies with the expertise, advisory and technology backbone needed to succeed. Once developed, these applications can be easily integrated to optimize company performance. For more information, click here.