An intranet portal is a great tool for employee use, providing internal teams with access to the information, data and applications they need to get their jobs done more efficiently and resourcefully. For instance, your salespeople can tap into the portal to collect presentation documents, proposals and price sheets for deals. Or, your marketing team can assemble digital assets to spearhead a new campaign.

At AAJ, we have received a lot of questions over the years regarding intranet portals. Below we tackle just a few in this FAQ blog:

Q: What are the top benefits of an intranet portal?

A: A top benefit of an intranet portal is enhanced enterprise collaboration. Because your employees will be able to access all company information in one central location, they’re able to share knowledge, complete projects and tasks and potentially even identify new revenue streams in a faster and more efficient manner. This improved collaboration has led many to consider intranet portals to be at the heart of business collaboration. Industry research firm Nielsen Normal Group has also stated that intranet portals are at “the epicenter of the enterprise universe,” as they feature most necessities for an employee’s success.

Q: Does an intranet portal produce strong ROI?

A: As a central, unified location that offers employees the necessary collateral and tools to get their jobs done more efficiently and effectively, an intranet portal tends to yield high ROI in the form of bolstered productivity. After all, the faster employees can access critical documents, tools and resources, the faster they can get their jobs done and with a higher success rate—and that correlates with profit and ROI.

Q: Why should I consider a mobile intranet portal?

A: As employees increasingly work outside of the office at least some of the time—telework has grown nearly 80 percent since 2005, according to research from Global Workplace Analytics—it’s important that you consider solutions that adapt to the growing remote workforce. Bottom line: even if your employees are spread across the country, or even the world, they still need entry to your intranet portal for easy access to all enterprise information, resources and tools.

If we failed to address any of your intranet portal questions in this Q&A, we encourage you to continue the conversation with any one of our seasoned experts. Our team of experts at AAJ boasts nearly 20 years of experience in portal integrations and collaboration solutions. Click here to learn more.