Take a moment and look at all the technology that is sitting on your office desktop. Each piece from your phone to your computer, and all the systems they run on throughout the day, was carefully hand-picked by your company with its and your best interests in mind. If you’re searching for someone to thank for providing you with such functional technology—not to mention making sure it all stays up and running—look no further than the head of your IT department.

Businesses today are dependent on various technologies, and your IT department is filled with the unsung heroes that make sure it all works together smoothly to support business initiatives. There are times, however, when your IT department just doesn’t have the resources it needs to complete certain projects and functions, and this is when your company should consider aligning with a trusted third-party vendor for assistance. Outsourcing certain tasks can be cost-effective and have measurable results, but only when guided by a strategy with clear objectives.

For those who are venturing into IT outsourcing for the first time, the process should not be entered into lightly, as it involves certain hurdles that must be overcome with know-how and aplomb to garner positive results. To help, AAJ has invited our VP of Professional Services Ed Kirchmier to take you through the process step by step in our upcoming June 10th webinar.

Kirchmier will discuss:

  • Considerations for and during outsourcing
  • Expected benefits
  • Outsourcing options and new insights from the industry

As a 25-year IT project management veteran, Kirchmier will share insights that will leave you feeling confident about making an outsourcing decision for your company. Kirchmier has consulted for a number of Fortune 500 companies including Apple and, most recently, has managed corporate IT initiatives for Carnival Corporation’s cruise line brands.

To learn more about IT outsourcing and Kirchmier, as well as to register for the 1:30 p.m. webinar, please click here.