If you’re planning to spend at least 25 percent of your budget on mobile application development this year (like the majority of IT teams, according to a recent IDC survey), then you may be wondering what app to create first to begin streamlining processes and bolstering productivity. We recommend that you consider project management. So, why build project management for mobile first?


As we recently covered on our blog (linked above), IDC found that 75 percent of line-of-business internally facing functions, like project management, will be built for mobile-first consumption by 2017. Second, the vast majority of projects that are not supported by a methodology—a documented strategy for ensuring project management success through its entire life cycle—fail to reach completion.


As such, a project management mobile application can be invaluable for ensuring project success. In fact, research from KPMG shows that 90 percent of organizations that consistently and successfully deliver projects had a methodology in place. At the same time, the research found that less than half of project managers use a project management methodology.


A custom mobile project management app can successfully address major pain points felt during management of a project, such as:


  • Resource management
  • Prioritization (many projects get swept under the rug or pushed past their completion date)
  • Poor communication/collaboration (33 percent of projects fail due to a lack of involvement from management, according to aggregated research from Capterra).
  • Tracking and/or measuring project success to modify plans and mitigate risks as needed


A custom mobile app serves as a central source for all project information, enabling teams to collaborate on projects anywhere, anytime and in the most efficient manner possible. A mobile app can also provide insights and analytics for improving project management (for example, managers can measure their costs against how long the project is taking to complete to make actionable improvements).


After assessing whether project management is an area you want to mobilize within your enterprise, you should then consider whether you could benefit from the help of a third-party vendor. For instance, at AAJ, we help clients create elegant, user-friendly user interfaces; identify and mitigate potential risks to avoid delays and extra costs; and integrate with legacy systems if needed. Click here to learn more!