If your organization is at all familiar with big data, analytics or business intelligence (BI) then chances are you have also heard the term “master data management,” or MDM. For those organizations that have built a robust BI and analytics strategy—that is, they consistently collect and leverage data to gain insights and improve business measures—MDM provides support by working to eliminate common data quality issues that can be experienced during the data-gleaning process. In short, an MDM solution helps companies consolidate, filter and enhance the overall quality of data collected, enabling them to gain clearer and more actionable insights.


On the other hand, MDM can be a complex and challenging technology tool for business professionals who do not fully understand the role it is meant to play within their organizations. Without a solid knowledge base for properly using an MDM solution, these individuals will struggle to deliver the data value that MDM is capable of generating.


For business professionals looking to learn the basics of MDM and how to apply it to their organizations, or even for those who desire a quick recap of MDM, AAJ Technologies is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 17, at 1:30 p.m. EST, called “Master Data Management for the Business Professional.”


The webinar will cover the fundamentals of MDM as well as the key benefits it offers businesses. Attendees will learn what MDM is; what causes poor data quality (and how to resolve these root issues); a quick review of the customer, product and agreement ecosystem; a detailed example of MDM using a business transaction; and what to do next—that is, how to deliver business value quickly using MDM.


This webinar is ideal for business professionals looking to:


  • Establish themselves as trusted MDM subject matter experts
  • Increase the quality and reliability of their current data to reduce errors
  • Increase the accuracy of their data reports
  • Improve how they use their data


If you’re looking to learn more about MDM in any capacity, we highly recommend joining us on March 17th to learn more about this critical topic. The webinar may be taking place on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can’t leave your MDM strategy up to luck. Click here to register, and be sure to check our blog soon for more on the topic.