Mobile Enterprise Application Increases Productivity and Improves Patient Care at Schumacher Clinical Partners.

Take a look at the Mobile Enterprise Application project we recently completed for Schumacher Clinical Partners — one of the nation’s largest, fastest growing Emergency and Hospital Medicine groups. They partner with over 5,000 healthcare providers to treat more than 6 million patients annually.

Schumacher Clinical Partners was relying on outdated forms of communication to keep their employees updated on any changes in patient care. The email, paper, and phone call trail was huge and caused a massive delay in patient care. The company could no longer afford to have their employees burdened with multi-tasking. They needed a solution — fast.

Schumacher selected AAJ to develop a mobile enterprise application (Pathway) that would be entirely based on notifications. The notifications were designed to enhance user productivity, improve patient care, and streamline the communication between care givers and patients. Since the implementation of Pathway, employees have been able to spend less time running to the phones and more time attending to their main job — patient care.

Download the full Case Study to learn more about how Schumacher leveraged Enterprise Mobility to eliminate the paper trail and optimize patient care