Healthcare Application Consolidates Patient Records. Healthcare systems have the extremely difficult task of keeping all of their medical records organized, up to date, and in compliance with federal regulations. Mercy’s job was more challenging than most because of their size—the Mercy system is spread across four states, 46 hospitals, and more than 700 physician practices and outpatient facilities.

Before they contacted AAJ, Mercy’s patient information was often scattered and hard to access. All the different system interfaces meant records weren’t standardized, and if a patient moved around to different facilities, there was a lot of wasted time (and potential error introduction) because of the need to re-enter data. What Mercy needed was a centralized system to consolidate all patient data and present it in a way that was easy to understand for healthcare professionals, administrators, and patients.

The Healthcare Application built by our team was split into two distinct parts. The first, MyMercy, was for patients and healthcare professionals. Through the online service, users can log into the central system at any time of the day or night and manage their records and connect with care providers. The system is optimized for personal computers, tablets, and cell phones, so it’s easy to use it anywhere.

The second part was a tool designed specifically for administrators, MyMercy Administration. It allowed them to easily and quickly access information across the whole system, perform required updates, and deal with any problems with patient accounts. The AAJ team also included another useful feature: custom branding support. This means that administrators of different facilities and practices across the Mercy system can easily set up a MyMercy portal focused around their own branding strategy.

Find out more about Mercy’s comprehensive patient records solution by downloading the full case study here.