Although that little groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow this year, signifying six more weeks of winter, there’s no reason IT can’t get a head start on spring cleaning in preparation for when the snow starts to melt and the flowers begin to bloom. Get a fresh start anytime by routinely checking systems to ensure everything is up to speed.


If you want to kick-start spring cleaning in your IT department, consider beginning with your intranet portal—the collaboration tool your employees use internally to access documents and resources. It’s an often overlooked implementation that can have a monumental impact on team productivity and overall business continuity. Here are three ways you can begin updating your portal:


  • Get rid of old/irrelevant docs: The saying “out of sight, out of mind” can apply to your intranet in the sense that, without regular checkups on the documents and resources that live in your portal, they will become stale, outdated and eventually useless. Consequently, you should sit down and go through the data that lives on your intranet portal and get rid of any that is irrelevant or dated. Once you clear the clutter, make a concerted effort to continually do so.


  • Reassess your user interface: Is your intranet portal optimally designed for end use? Do your employees dread having to hop in even for a couple of minutes to view a guide or editorial asset? Take this time to re-evaluate the look and feel of your intranet portal so that it’s a tool that employees actually want to use. This is something that an IT vendor can easily help you accomplish.


  • Compartmentalize per department: Are documents related to your strategic accounts in the same area as your promotional flyers and sales kits? Perhaps you need to categorize your intranet from scratch or dig deeper into the specific sections you have created to better optimize your portal for cross-departmental use.


A warmer season is right around the corner … are you ready to welcome it with a decluttered intranet portal? If you need more of a spring in your step to end your procrastination, click here to see how AAJ can help you reassess and improve your intranet portal—or create a new one!