Considering investing in an intranet portal for your company? For those unfamiliar with the term, an intranet portal is a gateway accessible only to employees, providing internal teams with access to the information, data and applications they need to get their jobs done more efficiently and resourcefully. For example:

  • Marketing can tap into digital editorial assets—eBooks, infographics, white papers—or SEO tools to shape a new campaign.
  • Sales can leverage presentation docs for team training, or proposals and price sheets for closing deals.
  • Management can access executive summaries, statistics and data on strategic accounts.

An intranet portal provides employees with access to all enterprise information in one central, readily available location, helping them share knowledge and better collaborate by automating key processes and streamlining workflows. In fact, industry research firm Nielsen Normal Group says that intranet portals “are at the epicenter of the enterprise universe” because they provide an unparalleled level of utility and usability and feature corporate necessities needed for employee success.

Although an intranet portal is a powerful tool for internal use, creating an intranet portal internally can be challenging. In creating a portal in-house, IT is ultimately tasked with pulling together thousands—even tens of thousands—of documents and corporate artifacts in a way that makes them easily accessible for authorized users . Bringing together this disparate information is necessary to transform internal communication and collaboration and to reduce fragmentation—but it’s not an easy undertaking.

So, when asking the question, “Do I really need an intranet portal?” our unwavering answer is, of course, yes. But if you’re not sure where to start, or don’t have the time to dedicate in-house, we would love to talk with you. Our team of experts at AAJ boast nearly 20 years of experience in portal integrations and collaboration solutions (yes, you can integrate new portals with legacy systems with minimal disruption to your business!). Click here to connect with us to learn more.