CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: Redesign of Workflow Automation Solution Brings System Up to Date with Current Industry Standards and Reduces Costs

Thousands of users in the business, government, and education sectors rely on Advanced Processing & Imaging (API)’s mPower system to automate their workflow. But industry changes meant the old model of per-server/per-user licensing wasn’t going to cut it anymore. The system’s architecture needed a complete redesign to bring mPower into line with the modern multi-tenancy model.

API turned to AAJ for the additional expertise and knowledge needed for the project. Working together with the API in-house team, our nearshore engineers and solution architect created a product that made it easy for administrators to add tens of thousands of users (and featured improved performance, as a bonus). They also ensured seamless integration with other API products and third-party applications.

The re-architecturing project led to some stellar outcomes for API. The number of users per host server in a multi-server farm was increased by a factor of twenty. This meant that their cost of infrastructure decreased by over 70%. In addition, it’s now much easier to perform maintenance and release new features.

Want to find out more about how this project reduced costs and provided access to new, modern features? Download the full case study here.