by Qasim Mehmood

I had an experience with a large enterprise solution for a huge pharmaceutical company. This particular company was facing major difficulties in managing administrative and training requirements and cost for SAP. Especially due to the recession, that time cost was becoming a huge factor in their overall operations!

New employees are joining the organization and old employees have marriages and other life changing events and when they need to use SAP bases HR system, it’s really complex, less intuitive and the company needs to train their users regularly which costs a lot. This is even more critical when your organization have couple of hundred thousands of employees.

Proposed Solution

I worked with them to design a generic solution which integrates SAP with SharePoint. This solution uses Infopath forms which guide users via a wizard approach to help fill out the form. We also designed a self-service application for SAP software. This application is basically an enterprise human resource software application that combines Microsoft Office SharePoint with the integration and control of SAP software. The solution simplifies the use of line-of-business systems while preserving data integrity and compliance with corporate policies.

Cost Saving

By going with this approach, the client reduced training cost and maintenance, costing less than a SAP solution!

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