by Brett Gillin

I’d like to start off this blog post by asking a simple question. Does one single key open every door in your neighborhood? And can that same key be used to open up all the doors and filing cabinets in your office after starting your car and checking your safety deposit box?

If you answered yes, please stop reading this blog, make a copy of that key, and send it to me along with your address, because you live in a crazy utopia that I’d love to visit.

More likely, you see that first paragraph as an insane scenario that no one lives in. But you’d be surprised to find out that a slight variation of that story might be happening at the company you work for!

I’m referencing a common shortcut that many companies make when implementing collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint. So many companies use the Domain Administrator account to do just about everything they need in SharePoint. But this causes an enormous problem.

Think about it, if there’s one account that can control everything, and multiple people who know the password to use the account, there’s quite simply no accountability in SharePoint anymore. You completely lose control of figuring out who made what changes to SharePoint. Plus, if a worst-case scenario happens and that account or account password is compromised, you might be looking at a lengthy downtime for your SharePoint environment while you fix the issue. Or, worse yet, you could be looking for a new job because all of your company’s sensitive information just got posted on every blog in the blogosphere!

If you’d like to hear more about this issue, or find out even more common security mistakes people make when implementing SharePoint, join us next Wednesday for our webinar.

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