Your intranet portal should be many things—easy to use, visually stimulating and neatly categorized—but the one thing it should not be is a hassle for your employees to use. You can dig deeper into your portal by using business intelligence and analytics tools; however, sometimes the best course of action simply involves keeping your ears open to what is being said around the office about your portal, its usability and the overall value it provides.


We challenge you to ask yourself if you have ever stumbled upon your business users saying any of the following remarks regarding your intranet portal’s performance and usability:


  • “I can’t find anything on it.” Usability is key with your intranet portal; if your assets, resources and documents are sporadically located within your portal, your employees will be less likely to make it their go-to tool for internal collaboration.


  • “Why is it so difficult to find this one document?” Your portal may be easy to use, but just how easy is it to navigate? For example, can employees easily find department-specific collateral and assets? Does your portal interrupt their daily workflows rather than support them?


  • “It hurts my eyes just looking at this thing” No matter how user-friendly your portal is, it won’t be widely used if it’s an eye sore to your employees. That is, if your user interface is far too busy or if its appearance has remained untouched since it was created in the 90’s. Consider how this can cause difficulties for your remote and mobile employees.


You’ll never have a good feeling after overhearing criticisms about the systems your team has worked so diligently to put into place. But to make actionable improvements to your intranet portal, which speaks best to end-user needs, you must take note of such remarks. Keep in mind the needs of the teams that use your intranet portal most often, like sales, HR and marketing. You might be creating the portal, but they are the ones using it.


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