Many government websites are integrating collaboration programs like Microsoft Sharepoint to provide consistent and precise data about parks, museums, exhibits, legal and tax resources or local utility and emergency services. An effective and direct way to interact with citizens also allows local governments to create an attractive and user-friendly brand.

The Village of Glenview, IL, for example, with almost 45,000 residents, informs of the town’s amenities, services, schools, parks and playgrounds, as well as numerous shopping and dining options and commuter transportation services. The site also allows residents to pay their parking permits, utility bills, as well as contractor and business licenses online. Citizens can also report potholes, overgrown trees, snow plow and sign damage. By making their site a one-stop shop for resident affairs, the city is streamlining its services and enhancing its productivity, all while saving money.

At the state level, the Oregon State Legislature, allows residents to search for bills within the Oregon Legislative Information System, watch legislative sessions and schedule visits to cultural sites. This type of engagement not only strengthens citizen involvement but also ensures that state residents are aware in real-time of events and public policy within the state, and also have the ability to interact with government officials to voice their opinions.

The Texas Association of Counties (TAC), which comprises several different localities, joined together in 1969 in order to improve government relations and operations. Through Sharepoint, these counties can communicate their perspective to their citizens and state officials, in order to better their service to the general public.

By automating manual processes, AAJ can enhance public engagement with government at the municipal and even state level. Given that many towns and cities prioritize their services differently, AAJ’s custom application development allows local governments to solutions to their needs. AAJ also provides the IT knowledge and expertise, as well as the long-term support, needed to create successful solutions for your community.