To take advantage of the many benefits of IT outsourcing—lowered costs, deep technical expertise and better business strategy, to name a few—companies are increasingly getting on board. Specifically, CIOs are making the move to address some major goals, which were highlighted in a 2014 Gartner report, as follows:

  • The majority are aiming to “renovate the core of IT,” yet nearly half feel they lack the right skills and capabilities to do so.
  • CIOs want to shift to a fundamentally different approach involving new technologies and trends, but don’t know where to start.
  • The majority want to grow and innovate IT but feel stifled by shrinking budgets.

A trusted and expert managed service provider can fill IT strategy-, skill- and budget-based gaps with the stability, stratagem and technologies needed to see ultimate success—and at just a fraction of the cost of legacy on-site systems. So, how can your company get on board? If you’re on the hunt for the perfect managed service provider, here is what you should keep in mind:

The Strategy: When you partner with a managed provider, you are essentially turning over your core business processes to them—your functionality, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction—which is no small feat. So, you need to be sure that your provider does more than simply deploy and walk away. In other words, your provider’s team should comprise more than just technicians; they should understand key business challenges and have a finger on the pulse of emerging new trends to help you carve out a strategic and effective plan of action.

The People: Your IT strategy is only as strong as the people behind it. There’s typically an antipathy that comes with venturing outside of internal staff but, with the right people, you’ll reap huge rewards. To find the right people, run a background check on the provider’s staff credentials, experience and certifications. For example, senior architects at AAJ Technologies are part of Microsoft’s Partner Technology Solutions Professional Program (P-TSP), and our team makes up the largest number of Azure-certified developers in our home state of Florida. 

The Technology: One huge benefit of partnering with a managed provider is that you can house all of your technological solutions in one domain, evading the headaches and risks that can come with managing multiple tech vendors. You won’t benefit, however, if your provider’s technology is lackluster. Where does your provider of choice fall when it comes to your technological expectations? For example, AAJ Technologies holds longstanding partnerships with market leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Xamarin, which enables us to offer best-of-breed tools that perfectly fit our clients’ business needs and budgets.

What other crucial components of a managed service provider should you cast your eyes on? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!